La Villa is an ethical brand that aims to create positive social impact in El Salvador by partnering with artisans and connecting them to international markets through thoughtfully designed and curated hand-crafted goods produced under ethical standards. We are deeply involved in the production process of every piece that has been designed by our team and strive to collaborate with the artisans, we wish to connect our customers to the people that handcraft each article and allow their stories to intertwine.

Our founder has 10 years experience working with artisans in El Salvador, she has a degree in design specializing in Artisan Product from there she discovered a passion and admiration for the deep connection between the artisan and their craft, the legacy of a traditional technique and how something created in these circumstances can create a connection between its maker and its keeper. El Salvador is her birthplace and she has a deep love for there is so much beauty in its land and its people, she got to confirm this by traveling all over the country into rural and remote areas. The positive social impact that commerce and productivity can have in a community is inspiring and motivated her to start La Villa, a long time dream to showcase Salvadoran artisans and their creations.


Our Glazed Coco Collection is made in partnership with an environmental project that targets sea turtle conservation, responsible fishing and sustainable development in Costa del Sol, El Salvador. Coastal communities that find themselves immersed in violence have found new hope through work and commerce using local renewable resources in the coconut shell that would otherwise go to waste. La Villa’s exclusive Glazed Coco collection is handmade by Callotl Artisans, fairly paid workers that play an important role in sea turtle conservation efforts, many of them collect sea turtle eggs for the local hatchery and a percentage of sales goes directly towards the conservation program.


The Luxe Textile Collection is hand-woven on traditional wooden looms in a small town in El Salvador that once prided itself in the everyday “music “ of the wooden looms, before the suns first rays hit the sky artisans were already sitting on the wooden looms finding the rhythm between the movements of their arms and legs to weaving threads one at a time making beautiful textiles, some of which are still available today. As time has passed new generations are dismissing this rich knowledge and in turn losing an important part of their heritage. By providing new opportunities and commerce La Villa is promoting and incentivizing the continued use of the wooden loom encouraging weavers to collaborate and innovate with this traditional technique.

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